· Straight piece of anatomic shape with intra type system as per Standard ISO 3964; attachable to micromotor; torque and rotation transferred to drill by a set of shafts and gears with 1:1 transmission ratio, designed to operate in low speed, especially for full dental prosthesis adjustment, individual impression tray wearing, full dental prosthesis impression tray polishing, either fixed or removable.

    · Spring-activated chuck to grab and release the drill through knurled center ring of body; journal bearing set with shielded rollers, increasing the piece service life.

    · Aluminum and brass body, 360º free turn over the micromotor.


    · Sterilization through autoclave up to 135º C and 2.2 bar does not damage the piece due to the quality of the materials employed in manufacturing, such as stainless steel and anodized aluminum.

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