Control System: PLC processor (Microprocessor is optional) 
Usage Method: Full automatic / button and touch screen 
Screen Type: Color TFT, touch LCD 
Screen Dimensions: 7,0” (optionally 10,0”) 
Keypad: Touchpad 
Printer: 40 characters/line, integrated thermal printer 
Communication: RS232/485 Port/USB (Ethernet is optional) 
Warning System: Visual, audio and written message warning 
Data Storage: 200 cycles 
Process Monitoring/Follow Up: In addition to the touch screen, analog indicators for monitoring cell, jacket, generator, and air pressure 
Mobility: Easy driving feature over 4 turning wheels and fixing with adjustable height based on the slope of the ground 
Steam Control: Through pneumatic valves


جهاز تعقيم بالبخار مركزي باب واحد مقاسات مختلفة

السعة بالتر
  • Medical And Surgical Tool (134°C): ~ 60 min
    Textile Materials (134°C): ~ 60 min
    Heavy Materials (134°C): ~ 65 min
    Plastic/Rubber Materials (121°C): ~ 80 min
    Rubber/Glass  (125°C): ~ 60 min
    Liquid (121°C): ~ 90 min
    Flash (134°C): ~ 20 min
    Prion (134°C): ~ 60 min
    Bowie & Dick Test: ~ 35 min
    Vacuum Leakage Test: ~ 25 min
    Number Of Programs Entered Preferably:    99

    *** The times of the processes depend on the load and are given approximately. The times cover the entire sterilization process including drying stage with average load.

    *** The programs may be customized depending on the needs of the customer.

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