Micromotor Body
Daring design with rounded lines
Made of brass with smooth chrome-plated treatment 
Autoclavable up to 135ºC
Anti-skid grooves and indication of direction 

Single External Spray

Borden/Midwest type connection

5,000 RPM thru 20,000 RPM 
Has adjustment of rotation – inversion on the body of the micromotor

Working Air Pressure
40 pounds (psi) 

Ideal Weight
Net weight under 110,0 grams 

Through the INTRA system 

High Torque

Low Noise Level

Electrochemical Treatment
Treatment system of hardening the surface layer which ensures the durability of the thread. 


**Available in 3 different colors: Blue Pink and conventional color. 

قبضة مايكروموتور بطيئة جناتيوس برازيلية

  • Rotation: Min. 5.000 Max. 20.000 rpm

    Work air pressure 40 pounds (psi)
    Net weight of less than 110 g.
    Coupling: INTRA system

    Sterilization: Autoclavable up to 135 º C

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