Endus Duo is an rotary endodontics motor designed for instrumentation and preparation of root canals during endodontic treatment facilitating the total removal of the pulp tissue, cleaning and root canal  instrumentation.

The Endus Duo also has an apex locator function, designed to make the  Odontometry process easily,  providing accuracy in obtaining the length of the root canals bringing more speed and accuracy in treatment and in the daily of endodontics professionals. 

Endus Duo is a conjugated motor with the facilities of an apex locator, with a user-friendly interface and extremely accurate, providing highly sensitive measurements and responsive and satisfactory cleaning results. 



Main features:

Five pre-programmed modes of operation to optimize clinical procedure:

• Mode 1: Electric Motor

• Mode 2: Apical Locator

• Mode 3: Electric Motor + Apical Locator - Function: AUTO / STOP

• Mode 4: Electric Motor + Apical Locator - Function: PLAY2

• Mode 5: Electric Motor + Apical Locator - Function: SLOW / DOWN


 Allows adjustment of up to 9 pre-programmed for the sequence of steps rotary instrumentation.

Wide LCD screen, colorful and with adequate sharpness for viewing at any angle.

Automatic decrease in rotation as it approaches the apex to the complete Interruption.

Technique uses continuous rotation with specific programmable settings for each file system.

Automatic stop when reaching the working length.

Ability to work in channels with different types of intra-channel solutions without affecting the accuracy of measurements.

Highly sensitive (Measure every 0.1 mm), with audible warnings ahead of the approaching apex.

Accompanies Contra Angle 1: 1.

Rechargeable high capacity Li-ion;

Compact, lightweight and easy to use;


جهاز سحب العصب مع تحديد الذروة

  • Equipment Classification according to ANVISA: Class II
    Equipment Classification according to IEC 60601-1: Protection Against Electric Shock - Equipment Type B and Class II (IEC 60601-1)
    Protection against harmful ingress of water: IPX 0
    Mode of Operation: Continuous Current.
    Power: Rechargeable Li-ion battery - 10V DC 1000mAh.
    Input power: Ve: 100 - 240V ~ - 50 / 60Hz Vs: 5V - 1.5A
    Frequency: 50 / 60Hz.
    Power source: 1.5VA
    Display Mode: LCD Screen 5 "
    Net weight: 0.8kg
    Gross weight: 2.0 kg
    Rotation Speed: 125-625rpm

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