Cobra LED Ultra Vision* counts with an unique system that is able to enhance any material with different fluorescence from the tooth structure, ensuring greater precision in the removal of restorative materials, reducing the occurrence of unnecessary damage to the healthy dental structure.

Benefits of LED Ultra Vision illumination system 

Improved display of surgical areas during removal of third molars, odontosection, removal of residual roots.

Facilitates the visualization of the limits of the cavities preparations promoting a greater accuracy of the finishing and correction of irregularities.

Improved visualization during coronary opening and location of root canals.

قبضة سريعة كوبرا للكشف

  • Work pressure: Min. 220 kpa = 2,2 bar = 32 psi/; Max. 241 kpa = 2,4 bar = 35 os.

    Air consumption: 32 l/min

    Rotation: Min. 280.000 rpm; Max.: 420.000 rpm •


    Midwest connection with electric contacts (6 holes)


    Autoclavable up 135ºC

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