Ceramic Ball Bearings
Using ceramic balls instead of stainless steel balls elevates the performance of bearings, ceramic balls are 60% lighter than stainless steel balls, and their surface finishes are almost perfectly smooth. Furthermore, the ceramic ball bearings have vibration levels 2-7 times lower when compared to conventional metal balls. 

Handpiece body
Made of aluminum, with smooth chrome-plated treatment, with a new and exclusive design. 

Surface Handpiece Treatment
The body of the handpieces Gnatus has high mechanical strength, obtained by applying the exclusive technology, a special chemical treatment that promotes hardening while maintaining a smooth texture. 

Electrochemical Treatment 
Treatment system of hardening the surface layer which ensures the durability of the thread. 

Powerful and Quiet
Incredibly quiet and torque of 0.13 N.cm and air pressure between 32 and 35 pounds/in2 (psi). 

Rotation and Working Air Pressure
420,000 RPM with accurately balanced rotors and air pressure between 32 and 35 pounds/in2 (psi). 

Terminal Connections
Available in Borden or Midwest connections. 

The handpieces Gnatus are autoclavable up to 135°C to ensure full biosafety for the dentist and patients. 

Ideal Weight
Net weight under 32.0 grams. 

Drill Fixing – Push Button System
Switch on by pressing a button located on the back of the head of the handpiece (Push Button). It allows quick change of drills – removers are not necessary. 

Triple Spray
Carefully designed to cool the cutting area of the drill in any work position, avoiding overheating of handpieces and reducing the possibility of stopping the spray in result of clogging in holes. Triple Spray is distributed symmetrically toward the drill tip, ensuring optimal cooling temperature.

قبضة سريعة كوبرا

  • Work pressure: Min. 220 kpa = 2,2 bar = 32 psi/; Max. 241 kpa = 2,4 bar = 35 os.

    Air consumption: 32 l/min

    Rotation: Min. 280.000 rpm; Max.: 420.000 rpm •

    Borden or midwest conection

    Autoclavable up 135ºC

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