AXIS Incubators are specially designed for use with Verify Self Contained Biological Indicators (SCBls). The incubators are available in single or dual temperatures for steam and Ethylene Oxide (EO) sterilization process. For steam, the incubators aperture at 60°C, For Ethylene Oxide, they operate 37°C. Available for either 120 or 220 V electric supply.
AXIS Dual Type Incubator has been developed for the incubation of self-contained biological indicators. AXIS Incubators are small, table-top incubators designed to process Self Contained Biological Indicators. The individual wells for each SCBI maintain a controlled temperature for reliable incubation.

  • Intutive Design-Compact size requires minimal work space.
  • Productivity-Automatic temperature control provides consistent operation.
  • Ease of Use-Dry heat block is simple and eliminates spillage or contamination concerns.
  • 34 positions for conventional and rapid readout colorimetric self-contained biological indicators
  • 4 positions for self-contained ampoules, culture media and protein detection pen.
  • A special hole for the external thermometer.
  • An ampoule crusher for BI’s.
  • The incubator is pre-set at 37 or 60± 2°C. These temperatures cannot be modified.

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