• Ergonomic, easy-to-use design suitable for general surgical interventions
  • Table for; up / down, back portion, ease of providing right / left lateral and horizontal forward / backward slide movements silently and vibration-free with hand control, body control or optional foot control
  • Ease of manual movement of foot parts with gas piston
  • Electro-hydraulic power control system
  • Different patient positions and C-arm X-ray device in accordance with the movement of design
  • All accessories can be stuck fixing the rail system
  • Radiographic table top set made of compact laminate material
  • Spare control system on the table
  • The ability to be mounted instead of the title of the foot section
  • The cushion on the table is multi-layer visco; Antistatic, liquid-proof and antibacterial property It is 60mm thick
  • It does not any liquid, including blood.
  • 30-60 minutes of Use (average 200 motion) in power outages (12 A/hour – 24 VDC) with fast charging and maintenance-free battery system.
  • The upper carrier plate of aluminium, AISI 304 stainless steel lower trunk and coating the bottom plate and the carrier body is manufactured from material GGG 40.
  • There is a silent and vibration-free electro-hydraulic motor system that provides movements suitable for different patient positions.
  • The ability to move a parallel shape to the floor except the head and foot, by pressing a single button on the hand control.
  • The ability to get the desired positions into memory.
  • Can be fixed to the floor by electro-hydraulic pistons controlled by four-point hand control and body control.
  • The ability to perform flex and reflex movements with one key on the hand control.
  • The ability of the hand control to display table movements on the LCD screen.
  • The keys on the hand control feature backlight.
  • Stand-by feature in cases where the table is not used. The ability to activate when the hand control is removed in stand-by mode.
  • The ability to show motion angles on the hand control.

    طاولة عمليات جراحية

    • Height: 530-1000 mm
      Height (with cushion): 536-1066 mm
      Stroke: 470 mm
      Table Parts: 5 part
      Head section: 236 x 520 mm
      Back section: 480 x 520 mm
      Kidney Elevator (Optional): 120 x 620 mm
      Living section: 580 x 520 mm
      Leg Section: 240 x 605 mm
      Length: 2000 mm
      Width (including rails): 572 mm
      Width (excluding rails): 520 mm
      Lifting Capacity: 500 kg
      Battery: 2 pcs, 12V, 12Ah, Fast charge, dry type, maintenance free, Capacity 12A / h
      Battery Charge Voltage: 24 V DC
      Mains / Generator Input Voltage: 230V, 50/60Hz
      Reset: One-button table top with the exception of head and leg sections is made parallel to the ground

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